Delivery & Returns

Return Delivery Charge

Return policy

In order to provide perfect after-sales service, we are committed to provide return and exchange within 14 days for goods purchased at Sam Edelman Online Store.

Instructions of return and exchange within 14 days

You can return the goods you purchased on Sam Edelman Online Store within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Please contact the Customer Service Center for details.

Return and exchange notice

1. Return and exchange of products need to not affect the secondary sales;

2. 14 days return services will not be accepted in the following cases:
2.1 Washed, worn products, caused by human factors during use;
2.2 Lack of original product label, tag, outer packaging, etc.;
2.3 Lack of gifts, accessories, etc. that are included with the product;
2.4 The product or gift that comes with the gift;
2.5 The 14-day period exceeding the return policy;
2.6 Products are not sold by Sam Edelman Online Store;

3. Other notes:
3.1 The set product does not accept part of the return, and the whole order must be returned;
3.2 Replacement is limited to the same size replacement;
3.3 If there is a replacement demand for the active products, in order to avoid the shortage of goods, it is recommended that you re-order the order. After the payment is successful, contact the online customer service center to apply for the original order return;
3.4 For non-quality reasons, the return of the goods will not be refunded.

4. Return and exchange processing due to quality problems
We promise that all products will be sold after quality inspection. If you find that the product has quality defects, please be sure to contact the online customer service center within 14 days after receiving the product (subject to the date of receipt and delivery). We will be charged with all return and exchange fee under the customer service instructions on the return and exchange procedures.
Return and exchange due to the following reasons, can not be returned according to quality problems for you, will be treated as a general return, please understand:

A. Due to the difference in lighting, display screen color difference, or personal understanding of color, there may be some color difference between the photo and the object. This category is not a product quality issue.
B. The product details page provides standard body size/physical tile measurement dimensions for your reference; it may differ slightly from your measurements due to manual measurements, batch variations, or individual measurement method standards.
C. Some products have special craftsmanship or retro-old designs that are not quality issues.
D. Some products may be discolored or deformed after washing due to production process or fabric processing. It is normal in the scope of quality testing standards and cannot be handled according to quality problems. In addition, due to detergent or improper washing methods, please wash according to the instructions.

Return process

1. Return process description
1.1 If you need to return the goods, please contact the online customer service center to obtain the return code within 14 days after receiving the product (based on the date of receipt and delivery).
1.2 After receiving the return code, please be sure to fill in the return code on the courier receipt of the package.

1. You must send the returned product within 14 days after receiving the product (subject to the date of receipt and delivery).
2. If you do not contact the online customer service center or return the courier receipt before returning the goods, there is no return code, or the product returned does not match the return processing order, which may result in your return. The application processing time will be extended.
3. When applying for a return, please ensure that the information you provide is true and effective, so as not to affect the timeliness of your return and exchange processing.

About refund

1. For all returns, the refund amount is limited to the purchase price. If you pay the shipping fee of you order, the fee will not be refunded.
2. The original tag may be marked on the product tag. This price is for reference only. The return amount is calculated based on the actual amount paid by the user.
3. The Return Customer Service Specialist will calculate the refund amount based on the above rules. The refund will be returned to the customer's account.
Please note: Depending on the payment method, it will take different time to remit the refund from Sam Edelman Online Store to your account.
Credit Card: Currently supports “VISA”, “Mastercard” , “JCB” and “China UnionPay” payment methods and return them to the bank account at the time of payment. Except for China UnionPay, which requires 14 to 30 working days, other payment methods are expected. It takes 7 to 14 business days

The time of receipt of the refund depends on different refund methods. The time of actual refund to your account depends on different banks or payment platforms operations. It may take up to 21 business days.
4. The replacement product will be sent from the warehouse to your receipt. It takes 2-10 working days depending on the distance of your delivery address.

About return / exchange

1. Within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the package (may be extended during the promotion period), if you meet the 14-day return policy, contact the online customer service center, we will handle the return/exchange procedures as soon as possible.
2. The replacement product must be sent after the warehouse is put into storage.
3. For non-quality reasons, please apply for replacement, only support the same size replacement, and only provide return/exchange once.
4. If you have any questions about return or exchange, please contact the online customer service center.

Refund time

Within 5 working days after the returned item has passed our after-sales team inspection, we will refund the payment received by the original payment method. The actual arrival time of the refund depends on the different refund methods and the specific operations of different banks or other financial institutions, which may take 7-30 business days.